This limited quantity edition of the #blackmomsbelike box is all about celebrating your womanhood + reclaiming your sexiness after motherhood. I wanted to give both parts of you power + beauty + constantly remind you of this term of endearment; I see you sis.


As part lifestyle brand + a motherhood community, we curate products that start conversations with every Black mom in mind. We understand every Black mom is different yet we can all relate to the beauty of Black motherhood.

If you were ever searching for products that represented your grandmother that put everything but margarine butter in the margarine butter container, Black mom lingo, and the importance of raising confident Black children all combined into one brand; then you’ve found your home.

Welcome coco mama.

“ That‘s the thing I love about your shirts. It reminds you that there is a common language even though we’re not a monolith.“

Tomi - Matermea

“ Cocoiv has hit a sweet spot in capturing quintessential aspects of black motherhood; culling generations of wisdom, humor and tributes into an Instagram-ready collection of apparel and accessories.”

Mayisha- The Root

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