“ That‘s the thing I love about your shirts. It reminds you that there is a common language even though we’re not a monolith.”

As part lifestyle brand + a motherhood community, we illustrate the spectrum of Black motherhood through apparel and conversations. We understand every Black mom is different yet we can all relate to the beauty of Black motherhood.

  • Conception by Jey Johnson

    I  literally thought because of my birth rite as a black women I  would never face the fear of this desire to conceive not become a reality...

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  • Just Black By Erica

    Because folks always assume that I am biracial, or some other colorful blend, I find myself often saying, “Nope, I’m just black.” Then a sting of disappointment hits my stomach and I feel guilty. What do I mean just black? Am I minimizing what it means to be black? Is black not good enough?

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  • More Than A Mommy by Chrish

    l'll state the obvious - motherhood is life changing. So much so, that it is easy (like really easy) to let it consume you. All of you. It can be a really great thing. Can I be real though? I'm hoping this is a safe place to say... it can be a really heavy thing.

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