The Brand


Flawless brown skin, infectious laughter, and bold yet graceful phrases are the staple characteristics that describe founder Raven Barrett’s grandmother and mother. Now that she has a child of her own, she understands that these phrases are not just words, it is wisdom, and the bricks of the foundation that cultivates four (iv) generations. Cocoiv is a brand that is dedicated to paying homage to Every Black Mom one tee at a time in hopes that it sparks a conversation of memories, love, knowledge and wisdom.
Cocoiv was created to give a voice to Black motherhood. We highlight black mom sayings, everyday life, racial disparities, and parenting- from a black woman's perspective with comfort and conversations in mind. Whether you’re an old school mom, millennium mom, or combination of the two, we know that Every Black Mom is different , yet we all somehow relate to the beauty that is Black Motherhood.


One year ago, I went from being pregnant at an unconducive time, to being laid off, to having to move back home. I was stressed about my future, my abilities to be a good mother, and provide financially for an offspring. Mix these feelings of uncertainty with hormones and you’ll understand why I thought I was broken.

 I eventually got to a place where I understood that God wanted me to be still and lean not on my own understanding. It was then that I let God take the wheel (at least 70% of the time anyway!). During that time, I sought the security of mothers of all ages, and they all illustrated the art of women empowerment. Through them, I received knowledge, financial, emotional, and physical support. I learned about the free resources that were available to pregnant women, hypno-birthing, postpartum, and heard their personal beliefs of delayed cord clamping and saving the placenta.


After my little angel arrived, I honestly couldn’t imagine going back to a meaningless 9-5. Having always had a passion for fashion and helping mothers, I wanted a brand that reflected the very women who raised me and the very ones who encouraged me throughout my pregnancy.   

One year later. . . and here is Cocoiv


 iv is pronounced i·vy but means four (a double entredre for you).

The number four symbolizes strength and endurance. It is a life affirming number and a lesson you must learn in order to move forward in life.


My daughter is the 4th generation

Born in April [4th month]



8 - 2 - 2 = 4


Little did I know, but what I thought was meant to break me, was building my foundation of faith and affirming me that I needed my child more in this exact moment in my life than I could have ever imagined. They always say that children are dependent on their mothers, but my daughter and I are codependent on each other. I birthed her but she birthed a new version of me. 

This brand is dedicated to paying homage to Every Black Mom one tee at a time in hopes that it sparks a conversation of memories, love, knowledge, and wisdom.