The Brand


Cocoiv [ ko-ko-i-vy] was created because there was a need. needed to see me. I needed to see the women who raised me. I needed to see Black womanhood but most importantly, I needed to see Black motherhood. 

Like you, I needed products that were curated for us and that showed our narratives of:

  • That grandma that keeps everything but margarine butter in the margarine butter container.
  • That mom that tells her kids to stay outta grown folk business when the red solo cups come out + the adults are kiki’n while slapping the spades on the table. 
  • That mom that raises her kids to be independent thinkers, is the fun mom, but you know to come correct or not at all when it comes to Black history, Black maternal health, systematic racism, and everything else that has to do with the betterment of us.
  • That mom that is a new mom that just needs support. Support being the first generation to breastfeed, support navigating her new body, support trying to balance her new life, and support trying to figure out who she is. 

In search of products that narrated the wit, familiarity, magic, + beauty of Black motherhood, Cocoiv was born.