Herstories Submissions for Cocoiv

Sometimes it feels like we’re all alone in our journey of motherhood. Every tear that we shed or request that we have goes unnoticed. Sometimes all we need is to know that someone else is currently experiencing our same struggles, feelings, or situations. Sometimes we also need to know that others have also overcome those same struggles, feelings, and situations; hence why we created HERstories.

In this coco mama community we believe in sharing our motherhood journeys as a tool to not only bring about dialogue but to also bring a sense of togetherness.

If you’ve had some profound healing about your past along your motherhood journey, we want to hear it. If you need to vent about how hard dating life is as a single mom, we want to hear that. If you need to share how your teen tried you last week, we want to hear it.

Who should submit

Black mother’s: including, but not limited to - biological, step, foster, adoptive, legal guardians, transgendered, moms to be, and grandmothers. You do not have to be a writer/blogger as there are no word length requirements. You just need to have a story that you’re willing to share. 

In the form below, please include:

  • Your name ( or put N/A if you would like to remain anonymous)
  • The topic ( include in the same row as your name) 
  • Your email address

You can also send your submissions directly to our inbox with the subject line “Herstories” to hello@cocoiv.com

 We look forward to hearing from you.