HERstories- A Daddy's Girl Without Daddy Issues by Ashley Qualls

I wanted to entitle it “our daughter”, but I feel it gives you too much credit 
To the boy who ever broke my heart ...that turned into the man that did the same . I never became emotional all those times before  the times you showed me who you were, sure my feelings were hurt but I still painted a different picture ; but I look down at our daughter and the tears don’t stop. Something so  pure and beautiful came from us , two messes. 

Doubt used to  turn into dreams at night, fantasies of having never loved you . Prayers of being tied to you for life — but not this way . I don’t regret her . She’s my reminder of how I always felt about you . So In love, She looks at me and I melt, remember when you used to do that to me?

I’ve already created a life for her , one outside of us , where she grows into this fearless woman . So respected and loved that she’d never read this and relate . A daddy’s girl without that daddy issues. Is the damage already done ? Tell me it’s not too late.

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Wow. This hit home.

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