HERstories- Babymother and the Frog by Jennah Johnson

HERstories- Babymother and the Frog by Jennah Johnson

Tiana the only Disney princess that didn’t descend from royalty already. I HATE DISNEY BRO and a bunch of these stereotypical euro centric appeasements they give the black community just to keep us at bay, but hey shit what do I know? Just rediscovering my voice in writing and shit this is supposed to surround motherhood anyways, right? Well Chile let me get started. 

Around kitchen tables where we cried about the choices of ourselves with ending up with our baby daddies, getting unsolicited but needed advice from the elders who smoke newport 100’s and drink Coors Lite. I’ve grown up listening to the same phrase we don’t get to choose your family and it wasn’t until the pregnancy test read positive that I realized that was A LIE. That my Childs legacy was directly tied into the legacy of the daddy. Whew that was some shit to make you start questioning your own choices in the niggas you even gave your number out too. That my son would be hustling for the last plantation name given before Lincoln cut the financial ties with the south making a bunch of brown bodies free with no identity. 

So, yes I was babymama and the frog’n it because shit he was a frog until proven otherwise. I wanted him to know that now that we did more then kiss on a wishing star that my daddy had already told me I WAS A FUCKING PRINCESS and because of that he became a prince or whatever. 

I realized that our legacies started to mesh with one another whether I knew it or not. I was met with the challenge of honestly accepting the things I couldn’t change. You know like the serenity prayer that hung on the bathroom door at your grandmothers house. Then it became a internal but intentional search on how I was going to address the FROG and how he was going to address me because our little tadpole had to be addressed and our avenues, though different the message had to be the same. 

Whew and when I say that was a lot, like I am still working on it and my frog has become the man of the house with the same gumbo pot Tiana’s dad had. For you reading I pose the question: Have you allowed for yourself to think about the other legacy that's building on the other side no matter how hard we try to shield them for it?

No, I am not saying upgrade the frog but I am saying he’s a key character in the drawn out fairytale that we continue to write for ourselves. That even if he’s the antagonist of the story he lines are already typed. Now can you narrate the story, fo sho but you cant control the legacy. 

So, to end this I hate how Tiana's legacy had to be her family had “love” and that she only became a princess after marrying the stupid self centered middle eastern prince. SHIT and that the grit of her hard was a somehow overshadowed by a white thirsty ass friend and the prince. 

So, shit if your baby daddy is a frog sis know two things, YOU PICKED him and that no matter what the essence of your child’s legacy will be tied to maybe a nigga that can’t spell. Its all fair in love and fairytale sis.

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