Black Moms Be Like Box

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This 24 limited edition of the #BlackMomsBeLike Box is all about celebrating your womanhood + motherhood because both parts of you deserve to be seen sis. I see you sis.  

What's included:

Black Coochie Matter - This Black coochie matters tee encompasses Black womanhood + sisterhood + motherhood. It highlights Black maternal health and reiterates that Black women birthed a nation. Regardless of how society exploits or discredits us we are the blueprint.  When ordering, WE RECOMMEND WOMEN TO ORDER ONE SIZE DOWN.

I See You Sis Tote Bag -  Your go to tote bag for the Spring and Summer to remind you that we see you sis in all of your compacities. 

I See You Sis Poster - This piece will add a bold statement to any room while servicing as a constant reminder of the beauty of sisterhood. 

Body Shape Candle - Shaped like real women and infused with earthy, sensual, and sweet fragrances, these candles are perfect to burn after a long day or perfect to place by your bedside to add some aesthetics to your room.

Remind You Of Your Magic Scarf- This scarf is your newest nighttime necessity to protect your edges. It's also your newest daytime necessity for when you want to look chic while you're out and about running errands. 

Coco Mama Earrings - Cause you're a bad girl and your friends bad too. These stainless steel earrings embrace the melanin, mommy, and sexiness in you.  

Handmade Body Butter - I promise you won't be smelling like outside. This 1 oz container is full of sultry sandalwood, smooth vanilla, and bold amber to make you smell very grown and sexy. 

#Blackmomsbelike Keychain - As we know the hashtag #blackmomsbelike is usually filled with Black mom saying rebuttals. Though, we’re witty with our comebacks, we wanted to use this hashtag to highlight everything else Black moms can be like and everything else Black moms are. Since we are multidimensional and not a monolith, this keychain is perfect for every Black mom. It's also perfect to add an extra splash to your set of keys. 

 A Surprise Mystery Gift - An extra free gift for yourself or to share with the coco mama in your life. 

* A 20% off code to preorder the Black Milfs Matter Bodysuit is included in the box*