Black Moms Be Like Box

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This limited edition of 24 #BlackMomsBeLikeBox is centered around self care. As moms we do ALOT for everyone else + tend to forget about ourselves. These items were crafted + handpicked for you to put yourself first, even if it's just for a few hours, so you can be your best inside + out. 


Black Moms Be Like Long Sleeve - 100% cotton long sleeve. You have the option to choose between natural or forest green. This is a unisex long sleeve. WE RECOMMEND WOMEN TO ORDER ONE SIZE DOWN.

We Got Food At Home Tote Bag Even if you do have McDonald's money, your bank account + body will thank you in the long run. This nylon tote bag can hold up to 50lbs of your groceries. 

Ruled by Mercury Shower Steamer - Sometimes we don't have time for a luxurious bath but these shower steamers will still take you to that place of relaxation in half the time. They are also AMAZING to use when you or the little one are congested. Two come in the pack. 

Grown Folk Juice Cooper Mule + Straw - Put whatever grown folk juice you need to in it to sip on after a long day. 

Grown Folk Music Playlists - These two playlists were crafted by my coco mamas to turn up + to wine down to depending on your mood. Just scan the QR codes with your phone.  

Just Add Honey Goodnight Tea - This soothing blend of 1oz chamomile and lavender is the perfect tea to use when you need an Use with the you need an extra goodnight of sleep. ur soothing blend of chamomile is combined with lavender to make this naturally caffeine free and the perfect tea to unwind with before bed.

Sugar + Grace Self Care Candle - The 9 oz candle to remind you that your self care is just as important as everyone else's care. You can't pour from an empty cup mama. I promise you the soft scents of this lavender infused candle will put you at ease. Light + repeat when necessary.